About Us

Accelerated-Solutions is a company created and based off of need. Where a shortage and misunderstanding of the rigorous requirements of life fall short in designs and functionality; Accelerated-Solutions steps in to ensure the need is met. We have focused our manufacturing process to join durability, comfort and concealment into a carrying system that will be there when you need it most.

Your choice in an effective and comfortable holster is just as important as your choice in the weapon you carry. Our goal is to design a carrying system that is comfortable and effective for the user. By owning a piece of equipment from Accelerated-Solutions, you have decided to take a step toward protection on multiple levels:

  1. First and foremost, you’re able to protect against a threat by having gear you can count on.

  2. Your weapon will be protected from you (body moisture) and any scrapes or dings courtesy of the high quality and durability of Kydex.

  3. In choosing a product from Accelerate-Solutions, the ergonomic design and careful consideration to body alignment will ensure your body is protected from the everyday wear and tear associated with concealed carry.

Accelerated-Solutions uses compression molding and vacuum forming technology to produce carrying systems that are tough, durable and sleek which ensures optimal use in every situation. While our products have been tested and appreciated by Military, Executive Protection and Law Enforcement personnel we don’t claim our products are the end all, be all of Kydex. If you run into a design issue, have a recommendation or just want a special piece of equipment, PLEASE contact us, we began our products with dynamic intention and we want to keep it that way.

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